Bulletproof Cashflow with Agostino Pintus

Lots of people will encounter different sides of life. Some may be successful in their chosen path, but for some, it is the other way around. Whatever life gives us, let us try not to give up but choose to see it from a different perspective and opportunity.

In today’s podcast episode in The Roadmap to Wealth Show, our guest, Mr. Agostino Pintus will tell us that life is not an overnight success. He is a real estate entrepreneur that specializes in multi-family real estate, syndicator, and investor. Through his Bulletproof Cashflow, he helps people to get started into business.

Let’s start to learn from the experiences that Mr. Agostino Pintus is going to share with us. Enjoy!

What You Will Learn From This Episode:

  • Our own experiences in life will be a great motivation to move forward
  • What is multi-family? And why invest in it?
  • How to cope up with bad deals
  • How to prevent having bad tenants
  • Acquire knowledge in multi-family strategies and asset management
  • How to conquer business during this pandemic
  • Things to keep in mind on how not to lose the only source of income
  • Where to get access or resources especially for new investors
  • When to start investing and what are the risks incorporated to it
  • How to look at your future in the business positively

Connect with Agostino Pintus:

Web: bulletproofcashflow.com

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/BulletproofCashflow


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