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On Nifty Boss you will find newbies, experts and business owners.
Learn, network and find new opportunities to work and collaborate.

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Nifty Boss is a FREE community platform that gathers leading experts and coaches in Business, Sales, Marketing, Investment, Entrepreneurship.

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We offer support and expertise, a roadmap to wealth that includes FREE courses, webinars, podcasts, networking, LIVE events.

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You can Learn, Connect, Communicate, Create and Promote your business and investment ideas, as we gather an international community of like-minded people.

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About Nifty Boss

10 000 000 $ Generated by Community Members

Nifty Boss is a community that supports all those who are stepping on the path to financial freedom by learning a new professional skill and connecting with other professionals and business owners.

This platform was created by leading experts and newbies from US and UK, contributors and anyone interested in succeeding and finding financial freedom.

Most adults believe that financial security comes from working for a company and being part of a bigger business.

Those who dare to take that first step and become self-employed and start the path of entrepreneurship, find a new freedom.

The Freedom to balance work, personal time, and generate more income.

By learning a new professional skill you open the door to new possibilities for employment and collaboration.

Nifty Boss is the place where you can list your business and reach more potential customers, find business partners or professionals that have business related skills.

Post a job, market your services on Marketplace and Services section on this platform.

Connect with other business owners and professionals around the world, collaborate with the right people to boost your business.

All the registered members of this community communicate and network using the forum and messaging option.

Reach thousands of new customers and partners every day.

Start today.

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What You'll Get

Learn, Network, Find Partners and Deals, and Become Financially Free!


The Nifty Bosses Forum is a platform where our users can ask and answer any questions about investing. Get answers.


A huge number of guides are collected for you. Start understanding investments.


Our member’s blogs offer tips to help you based on the personal experience of practicing investors. Read the blog.


This podcast teaches you the “how”. No gimmicky sales pitches, and no fluff. Just real help. Listen to our podcast.


We help coordinate local events and meetings of participants. Meet like-minded people.


Web calculators, forms, quizzes, and pools made easy.


Juicy information on investments. No water, only practical knowledge.


Find like-minded people. Connect with practicing investors and entrepreneurs.

97% of the people that drop it too early are employed by the 3% who never give up

Follow the Roadmap to Wealth

Learn, Network, Find Partners and Deals, and Become Financially Free!

We offer Free and Unlimited Access to our learning platform from the first moment you join us

On the Nifty Boss platform you will find videos, podcasts, webinars and LIVE streams from our Experts and access to our members’ discussions in forums.

You can start any time you want and continue at your own pace, track your porgress as you learn to become your OWN Boss.

You will have a CONFIDENT start for your business or for your investment in a business

Learning the ABC of business, marketing, sales, and investment can be a game changer, as most businesses fail in the first year due to bad management, lack of experience and unrealistic planning.

With the information and expertise from our community, you can create and implement good, reliable, business ideas from day one.

Do you know the market’s tendencies for investment, how much to invest in Bitcoin?

For example, if you type in Google, you could get over 1 million answers for a question.

On this community, we encourage everyone to share ideas and experiences and most importly everything is related to business, investment, financing, partnerships and guidance from Experts.

You can have Free Business Tools at your fingertips!

Our team is constantly looking to help the community on their journey to success and wealth, as a result we’ve selected the best and most essential tools for our members.

Meanwhile, these tools are available for anyone who registers as a member and they will make your life easier, as you save time, energy and money finding them.

The opportunity to Promote and Advertise Your Business on Marketplace

We have a large community of 10.000 members that are actively networking and learning.

As their business and investments grow, they are encouraged to promote themselves on the Nifty Boss platform for free. Your business listing will reach a large audience of business owners and entrepreneurs from around the world, opening the door to new opportunities.

The opportunity to Collaborate and contribute with Nifty Boss.

Once you are part of the Nifty Boss community, it will be Your Space Too.

We welcome on our website, blog post contributors who want to share their ideas about business, investments, success stories and more.

Sharing is caring, and we care about each community member.


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Learn, network, find partners and deals, and become financially free!

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Nicholas Wallwork


The result was a high-quality, level, boring and, of course, the right service. The Forum venue brings together professionals and experts, potential investors.

Holly Watson


 More precisely, this is not even a dialogue, but a laid-back open conversation “On the main thing.” Is this not the result?

Virginia Baker


The friendly atmosphere and working spirit allowed us to make the dialogue comfortable and productive.

John Dudley


Competent speakers and wide coverage of thematic areas made the Forum useful for investors

Melissa Evans


 The format of the forum, which takes place in a relaxed atmosphere and is conducive to a good assimilation of materials

James Walker


I always thought that investing is difficult. But here I found a huge amount of useful information and like-minded people.


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