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To access your account on your browser, please go to the dashboard and log in with the email address that you used to sign up. Your temporary password will be sent to you via email.

Didn’t receive the email with login details?

Make sure you’re using the same email you entered when you signed up for a masterclass or purchased a program. Please also check your spam folder in case the email landed there.

If you have forgotten or lost the password for your InvestTribe account there is an easy way to recover it:

First, open the InvestTribe Login Page. Here you will find a link which says Forgot Your Password? Recover Your Password.

Once you click on it, you just need to enter your email address on the next screen and hit the Send button. Please make sure that it is the email address that was used to purchase your quest, subscription or that you used to sign up.

Your next mission is to find the email in your inbox and click on Change My Password in the email.

Once you’ve entered your new password, simply click on Reset Password – and you’re done! Head back to the InvestTribe Login Page and log in with the new access details.

In order to delete your account, please login to your InvestTribe account. Go to the Account Settings by clicking on the profile picture icon at the top right corner and then select ”My Account’’.

A new form will open in another window, where you can fill in the deletion request. Please select ”Delete your account” as a request type. We will receive your request and your account will be deleted from the system shortly. Please make sure you’re 100% happy to delete the account before submitting the request, as there will be no confirmation email sent before or after.

It is possible to put your business name, your website  – but you can’t put your company slogan, or advertising and marketing content.

To set up a company profile,first make sure you are logged in to your personal InvestTribe profile. Then you can fill out your company profile.

Regular Customer Support Inquiries


Feel free to search for instant answers on the Nifty Boss FAQ page. We have covered majority of the questions for you. Eighty percent of our customers find answers to their questions on our Nifty Boss FAQ page.

Chat & Email

To chat or email us – just click on the Contact icon on the lower-right corner. Then choose “New conversation” and enter your email address and the question you have. We’ll get back to you via email. 

How to Use Nifty Boss

You can access the forum rules by clicking here.

Subscribing to forum threads is simple and a great way to keep up with those topics of interest to you.

  • When creating a new forum topic, you’ll see a checkbox on the form saying Notify me when a reply is posted. This box is selected by default. After creating a new topic, if you do not uncheck the box, you’ll be notified by email whenever someone replies to your post.
  • You can subscribe to any forum threads that interest you at any time. Just select the checkbox at the top of that thread.

You missed a webinar, now what? Don’t panic…you can watch older webinars anytime you like!

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We want to help you spread the word – and we encourage you to do so letting you choose between two offers: Silver – 3 months of free Pro membership (refer 10 people to InvestTribe) and Gold – 3 months of free Premium membership (refer 25 people to Nifty Boss.)

Invite your investor friends now: https://niftyboss.com/invites!

InvestTribe rewards members for their participation on the site, and to inspire members to get involved in all areas of growth.

You can find the Badges you (and other members) have won at the bottom of the profile page. Note: You can see all the available Badges at https://niftyboss.com/badges. If you want more Badges, get involved today!

If you want organize an event or a meetup, you can use our Events Section, designed to help coordinate local member events and meetups, as well as to give a place to promote events.

Except if specifically mentioned by Nifty Boss, all activities published here are unaffiliated with Nifty Boss and Nifty Boss is not responsible for moderating or managing these conferences. Do your research prior to enrolling.

If you still have questions, 

you can ask them at contact@niftyboss.com