Flipping Secrets with Michael Pinter

Our episode today for The Roadmap to Wealth Show is going to be exciting as we have our guest, the master of Reverse Mortgage, Michael Pinter. He is a Principal at LMPK Properties, where they buy, renovate, manage and sell properties throughout Nassau & Suffolk Counties. He is a marathon runner and a huge sports fan.

You will hear nuggets of information from his experience in real estate investing, to finding real deals without marketing. Since he is based in Nassau, York he will share his outlook on the difference of the North Eastern markets compared to other markets. This episode is going to be great for beginner investors who like to try their hand in real estate.

What Will You Learn From This Episode:

  • Reverse mortgage: What is it and how it is done
  • How to get financial freedom in real estate
  • The challenges in flipping and how to overcome it
  • Best real estate marketing tools
  • Tips on how to build a strong team
  • Strategies on how to properly manage a business
  • Joining an auction Vs. going direct to the seller
  • Comparison of COVID-19 pandemic and the 2008 recession
  • Reasons on why to invest in New York
  • How to protect your business during this pandemic
  • The benefits of going to direct market.

Connect with Michael Pinter

Facebook: Michael Pinter

Youtube: Flipping and Wholesaling in New York

Web: www.howtoflipnewyork.com

E-mail: mpinter@lmpkrealty.com


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