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  • co investor money for foreclosures

  • Kenneth Brown

    19.03.2020 at 07:06

    Any thoughts on acquiring co investor money for bidding on foreclosures at the courthouse steps.I have done my homework.
    I have learned how to do my own title searches and indentified all liens of record
    hence identified properties with 25% plus equity
    Have a contractor background and can compute cost for rehab
    And you quessed it,short on cash
    How can I acquire co investors?

  • Augustus Jennings

    19.03.2020 at 07:07

    We’d be interest. Have funds but no time. Please email us your resume’ or work experience history. Make us want to work with you. We are both Brokers, we only work with honest people as we made lots of money with one operation but cut them off since they were using an unlicensed “contractor” which is very dangerous. The state is now going after those “handymen” that are presenting themselves to the public as licensed contractors… a big No no! A handyman can only charge $500 per house period! It pays to do things right and follow the rule(s), esp. the Golden Rule. There is enough pie for everyone… and it tastes much better if it is made with honesty!

  • Kenneth Brown

    19.03.2020 at 07:08

    I’d be happy to work with you and everything would be on thew table.
    I’ll be honest its a VERY competitive arena,gotta be patient there.

    Its east to under estimate rehabs,thats why houses that need only “cosmetic improvements” are winners.I.E housecleaning,new paint inside and out,lawn care,maybe a few shiny new plumbing fixtures

    Licensed,bonded,and workmans comp subcontractors with good reputations are out there but they do want top dollar for their services.Thats OK.I have used unskilled labor in the best for general clean up ,moving demo materials and painting prep.It works fine with CLOSE supervision.

    If you feel better about fully insured personnel that s fine to but rehab cost goes up dramatically

    I am very patient,creative and honest.I would insist any co investor would make their money first before I make one dollar.I also know a guy makes his reputation a day at a time,and youre only as good as your last job.

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