Helpful Financial Tips From Mamafurfur

In this episode of The Roadmap to Wealth Show, I’m talking to  Jennifer Kempson, known to many as “mamafurfur”, a UK-based passive income builder,  blogger, vlogger, money and success coach, YouTube creator and author of the best selling book, “The Master Money Blueprint: How to Master your Money and Create a Powerful Mindset”. We live […]
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Unselfish Mentoring with Kevin Bupp

Welcome to another episode of The Roadmap to Wealth Show! Today’s episode will be a ton of value as we listen to Kevin Bupp, the master in mobile park homes real estate investing. He is also the host of two podcast shows, the “Real Estate Investing for Cashflow” and “The Mobile Home Park Investing”. He […]
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Basic Stock Market Strategies with Rodney Hobson

When you hear of the stock market, it seems a very intimidating subject to go into. When you want to learn how to invest in the stock market, you cannot get a crash course for it because there’s a lot to cover. On today’s episode, I have the honor to have Rodney Hobson with us, […]
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Take Control of Your Money by Budgeting with Karen Ford

Did it ever occur to you that there is money in real estate investing? Most people say that it is hard to earn money in real estate, but to our guest, this is the way to go. In this podcast, we are lucky to be able to hear Elena’s interview with an avid real estate […]
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The Power of Respect and Authority with Josh Elledge

In this day and age when there is too much noise, you don’t know which one you should pay attention to. Much less, it is giving you a hard time which one is truly the authority. That’s why you need to consider the critical things that will make you stand out from the rest and […]
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