Roadmap to Wealth: Real Estate

Start with an Emotional Engagement with Barnaby Wynter

You might have a question about marketing and branding your business. In this episode of The Roadmap of Wealth Show, you will find out about how marketing affects every part of the buyer’s experience and how to build commercial relationships with your buyers. Today we will be talking to a Brand Expert, who has spent […]
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Flipping Secrets with Michael Pinter

Our episode today for The Roadmap to Wealth Show is going to be exciting as we have our guest, the master of Reverse Mortgage, Michael Pinter. He is a Principal at LMPK Properties, where they buy, renovate, manage and sell properties throughout Nassau & Suffolk Counties. He is a marathon runner and a huge sports […]
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WISE Investments with Shameed Chris Khan

Are you looking for ways on n what you can do with your money during this pandemic? This is what everyone is thinking right now. We should be wise on how to spend our money. In this podcast interview, Shameed Chris Khan the creator of WISE Investment, which stands for working, investing, saving, and earning, […]
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The Right Buyer for Your Business with David Barnett

Finding a buyer for your business is tricky. To get the best deal, you must look for the right person in the business. In today’s episode of the Roadmap to Wealth podcast, I will share with you another interesting interview with our guest, David Barnett. He will talk about the importance of having a broker […]
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Positively Geared with Lloyd Edge

Searching for ideas and knowledge regarding real estate property investing? Today on our show  I will talk to Lloyd Edge, the Director of Aus Property Professionals and the author of the best-selling book, “Positively Geared”. He is a well experienced property investor and he will share with us how he was able to grow his […]
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