Nifty Boss ® Community Rules & Restrictions https://niftyboss.com/  is the investing and personal finance community: discussion forums, network, social media  and market place,  where investors along with other investing professionals congregate. By taking part in Nifty Boss community, you agree to adhere to the community rules and regulations outlined below. When we utilize the phrase “forum,” we mean any part of the https://niftyboss.com/ that allows connection with some other men and women checking out or utilizing https://niftyboss.com/, like discussion boards and marketplaces. Additionally you agree to our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use.

Remember to take a moment to familiarize yourself with these regulations and rules. Nifty Boss is really a community, and we rely on you to definitely continue to keep this community warm and friendly and enjoyable by following these guidelines.

If you feel that another member’s post or activity has violated these regulations and would like to bring it to our focus, you might contact us at https://niftyboss.com/contact-us. Even though Nifty Boss tries to assess all reviews regarding misuse of their professional services, it will not assure to accomplish this, and it also stores the legal right to get any motion or no measures at all in response to this kind of reports.

I- Member User Brands, Signatures and Avatars and Profile Info.

1) Profile Label

The name and last name you use MUST be your actual name — pseudonyms or bogus names are certainly not allowed. Participants might not use site URLs or contact information as his or her profile website link label, and user profile names might not include any improper materials.

2) – Avatars

Avatars will not be used for promotional purposes – no advertisements with no business images. Furthermore, consumers are strictly forbidden to use the following as an avatar – Photos depicting anybody besides yourself – Pictures you might be not approved to use under copyright regulation – Sexually explicit photos – Unprofessional images – Images that will make a political or spiritual declaration

3) – Signatures

Expert are allowed to add signatures to their forum content. These signatures will appear after a once a user upgrades to Expert and:

  • Should be set up in your account, rather than manually added to your messages
  • May not include prices and product sales, or item specifics
  • Can include two clickable links, website link URLs and/or e mail
  • May not include links to other investing forums or competing websites
  • May not be leased or sold to any person.
  • Can’t include links to YouTube channels, Facebook or Twitter, or Meetup or LinkedIn

Signatures which are offensive and insulting, or harmful to either Nifty Boss its participants, or its personnel, are strictly prohibited.

Nifty Boss may get rid of any signature for any reason.

II – Website link Adjustment

Nifty Boss administrators may possibly change any website link included within our discussion boards.


Nifty Boss’s community forum voting method was created so members can identify other people who are making useful contributions to the community.

IV – Usage Of E mail & Personal Messaging

Discussion board administrators have the authority to periodically scan and evaluate the community forum e-mail and private messages data source in search of abuse.

Abuse from the discussion board e mail or exclusive messaging methods may result in instant banning from Nifty Boss and Nifty Boss has the right (but not the requirement) to follow all accessible remedies to handle these kinds of mistreatment.

V – Banning, Removing of Articles and Suspensions

Nifty Boss might in its only discretion get rid of any content material at all or no reason at all in any way. Furthermore, Nifty Boss may possibly limit, suspend, or terminate your use of areas of or the whole Nifty Boss Website should you violate any of the community regulations. Nifty Boss usually takes these measures anytime, with or without notice and without accountability to the users.

Our community forums and blog conversations are semi-moderated, and moderators or administrators may possibly near or delete a thread whenever you want and at all. Once a subject is sealed, associates are certainly not permitted to start a new thread with similar topic. All questions or remarks regarding closed or deleted threads must be e-mailed privately to the Discussion board.

It really is your responsibility to maintain a present, valid current email address in your enrollment details in order that our moderators can make contact with you in the event of an insurance policy violation.

If any Nifty Boss privileges have been revoked and you have questions about why, or what, if anything, that can be done to restore them, make sure you email the community forum administrator.

VI. Forum And Blog Submitting Restrictions

1) – Private Message SPAM is strictly forbidden

Members may send exclusive emails for any member, but these private messages cannot contain any advertisements or solicitations.

2) – No Polling or Poaching

Polling our community members is strictly forbidden.

Diverting our members to our competitors is strictly forbidden.

3) – No Affiliate Internet Marketing

No kind of affiliate internet marketing is allowed on Nifty Boss. Which means no publishing affiliate backlinks in emails, inside your name, in blog articles, or on your account.

4) – No Religious or Governmental Postings

Religious statements and threads on the topic of religion are not authorized on Nifty Boss. Please do not utilize a spiritual quote inside your signature, or elsewhere on the site.

Governmental threads not permitted on Nifty Boss. Any article or thread relating to national politics is going to be removed. Nifty Boss supplies the right to modify any article or thread that may include governmental commentary.

Nifty Boss is a real property community forum, not just a forum for religious or political debates, discussions, or proselytizing.

5)  No Spamming

Spamming is strictly forbidden on Nifty Boss. Spamming is described as the initiation of threads or posts that add nothing to a forum, regardless of whether on or off-topic. Examples include: advertisements that are not located in the Marketplace, empty posts, posts with few words that have no relation to the current thread, promotion of your website or product in any thread other than the classifieds. Posting the same message across several threads is also considered Spam.

6) – Solicitations

Posts or emails such as pyramid strategies, or any type of Ponzi scheme are not allowed on our site.

7) – Sponsored Posts are Forbidden

Your account is for your personal use only. You cannot make use of account to post on behalf of every other individual or organization. Content may not be ‘sponsored by’ or ‘brought to you on behalf of’ or any other variation about this concept in an attempt to circumvent our ‘No Self-Promotion’ rules. This rule applies to all community forums.

Responding to another user’s advertisement with an advertisement for different products or services is strictly prohibited.

Do not post any variation of «  PM me for more information. »

8) – No Pornographic or Erotic Material.

Sexually explicit discussions usually are not appropriate to our community. Sexually explicit content material and links to such articles are strictly forbidden.

9) – No Profanity

The usage of profanity is strictly disallowed, whether or not in titles, forums, blog articles, or anywhere else on Nifty Boss.

10) – Submitting E-mail, Phone, Addresses and Websites in Community Forum Threads.

If you want to include your email address, website, or phone number for people to contact you, please put this information in your Signature. Nifty Boss reserves the right to remove any email address, website or phone number that has been placed in our message posts as a means of contact.

11) – No Personal Discussions in Community Forum Threads.

Personal discussions or “for the attention of” posts are prohibited.. Please utilize the private message, or email for this purpose.

12) – Fake Users

Do not impersonate or make an effort to impersonate other forum members, moderators, or administrators. The creation or use of fake user accounts is strictly prohibited.

13) – You Must Disclose Your Partnership with any Site, Guru and Business or Other Entity

In the event you take part in a discussion about a organization, website and expert, coach etc., and have any partnership with that organization (e.g. collaboration, affiliate and owner), you have to reveal this relationship in your post. Nifty Boss reserves the legal right to publicly or privately ask about your connection with any business that you discuss, to remove any article which fails to disclose such a connection, and to close your account in the event you fail to reveal this type of relationship.

14) – One Account Per User

Nifty Boss users are limited to one account per person

15) – No Abusive Conduct

Not publish or otherwise transfer (including through the Nifty Boss exclusive messaging method) any information which is knowingly bogus or defamatory, hateful, harassing, obscene and abusive sexually explicit, frightening, invasive of any person’s privacy, or otherwise in violation of the legislation.

16) – Trolling

Flaming, flame-baiting, and trolling are not allowed anywhere on this site, such as in content, signatures, and personal emails. Flaming is directly insulting another member, fire-baiting is creating a comment with all the aim of acquiring a flame being a reply, and trolling entails starting up arguments or distressing individuals by submitting inflammation related and extraneous, or off-subject matter messages with the intent of provoking readers into an psychological reaction or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.

17) – No Email Harvesting

Harvesting email addresses from the site is strictly forbidden.


NiftyBoss is actually a dynamic online community, and NiftyBoss reserves the right to change these rules at any time.

Updated: 2/5/20