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As an investor, it’s always extremely important to keep in touch with the latest trends in technology and business. A popular method of exchanging contact details with prospects is by receiving an unprecedented amount of paper business cards at meetings or networking events. In fact, 68% of professionals value face-to-face networking more than online

However, paper business cards are not used to their full potential, so how can we change that? We have found a solution that not only combats maximising a business cards’ full potential, but also comes with a long list of benefits that will boost your daily productivity, organisation and helps do your bit to save the environment. 

That solution is a new mobile app for business-minded people who want to stay organised and easily manage their business cards, it’s called Contapp.


As an Investor, Why Choose Contapp?

Networking and maintaining a high level of communication with the right people is key for investors and entrepreneurs. Especially when you are always meeting new people, it’s vital to have the right business tools at your disposal to make sure this is done conveniently and efficiently. 

If you value productivity and organisation as important skills in your day to day working life, it’s hard to look past this business tool. An all-in-one mobile app, like Contapp, is our chosen option to digitally collate all of this information from business cards, whilst you’re on the go in fast paced environments.

Unlike most business card managing apps, Contapp is a user-friendly app that functions as your own personal business hub. It’s a smarter and more convenient way of managing & utilising business cards in a digital format, without the need of a third-party scanning app. It’s as simple as scan, save and share. 

If productivity, convenience and enhanced networking is near the top of your priority list when it comes to your personal agenda in business, then having Contapp downloaded is a key business tool for you. 

By joining the many Contapp users around the world, you are also doing your part to tackle the global issue of reducing paper waste. It sounds too good to be true, but it really is the truth. 


The Features That Bring Added Value

Paper business cards are very limited to what you can do with them, as they are technically just a piece of paper. In short, we believe Contapp is everything you wished your business card could do. It brings value to you personally and on a corporate level by being more productive, whilst helping you network with the people that matter most as an investor or an entrepreneur. 

Here are some of the stand-out features we found useful for Investors:

  • My Profile – Create your own digital business card profile in seconds by scanning your existing paper business card and add important information you couldn’t find on paper business cards, such as notes, social media links and a profile picture. If you don’t have an existing business card printed, you can create one manually, saving you money and time. 


  • Scan Cards – For your collection of paper business cards, simply transform these into fully functioning digital business cards, within seconds. All information will be auto-populated and will create a digital, interactive business card. From here, you can enter extra information that you couldn’t find on a paper business card, such as social media links and additional notes. This is a great way of being better connected with potential prospects and clients.


  • Save Location Feature – This is arguably one of the most useful features of the app. You can save the exact location of where you met the person that handed you a business card. Integrated with Google Maps, this unique feature is extremely useful for when you meet investors and business people at networking events. Save the confusion (and possibly embarrassment), so now you will never forget where you met that person ever again as that location will be attached to the person’s profile. 


  • Intelligent Library & Search – The intelligent library displays your collection of business cards in an easy to search interface with smooth scrolling. For even quicker searches, Contapp’s search and filter options allow you to find the right contact in seconds with keyword searching and filtering by information fields. This is a very useful feature if you have a very large collection of business cards in your library or if you wanted to filter people by job title, for example.


  • Share Card Options –  There are two options to share cards; Share Nearby and Share on Social. Firstly, using clever proximity technology, you can share business cards with multiple people with a simple swipe and no physical contact, making this a very hygienic method of sharing your business card.  Alternatively, you can share socially on social media platforms, email and other messaging apps. Attached to that, will be your digital business card as a link which will download as a CSV file and can easily be imported to Contapp and saved directly to their library.


The Mobile App Built with Entrepreneurs in Mind

After using Contapp, we understand why so many Investors, Entrepreneurs and Sales people are making Contapp their latest ‘must-have’ business tool. It’s simple to use, adds lots of value on a personal level, extremely efficient compared to what’s already available (cost and feature-wise) and overall, it really does help individuals maximise the potential of their business cards in an organised fashion.

As Contapp develops further into your personal business hub with new groundbreaking features, this really is a mobile app worth downloading to help enhance the way you organise and manage business cards in the digital age. 

If you have any feedback and suggestions on how Contapp can improve, they offer a Contapp Community where you can express your ideas. As a company, Contapp’s user feedback and saving the planet are both at the heart of what they do, so they always welcome new ideas for their next updates, which is great to hear.

You can find the Contapp Community here, or if you are interested in seeing Contapp’s soon to be released roadmap on what’s to come, you can get in touch here.


Download Contapp for Free:

Try it for yourself for free and experience a better way of organising business cards and networking more effectively. Download Contapp on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, or visit for more information about Contapp.