The Many Benefits Of Search Engine Optimisation

The Many Benefits Of Search Engine Optimisation

One of the easiest ways to generate residual income on the web is to create websites that rank easily on the search engines.

If you can create a post, targeting one particular keyword phrase, you can easily get that to rank above the fold on the first page of the results.

As long as you are targeting longtail keywords which are keyword phrases that are three keywords or longer, this should be easy to do.

Here is an overview of how to do search engine optimisation so that you can get maximum results.


Understanding Search Engine Optimisation

Also referred to as SEO, this is a strategy that involves the use of content. It will require the creation of a website, preferably with a WordPress platform, and a substantial amount of keyword research that can help you start building content.

The content that you produce is not only designed to be informative but should also be structured to rank as high as possible on the search results.

Additionally, every piece of content that you write needs to have a call to action, telling the reader to do something that may subsequently lead to a sale.


How To Structure Your Content

In order for your content to rank, you need to follow through with simple strategies. First of all, you need to write an article that is focused on one particular topic.

That topic is going to be the keyword phrase that you have chosen. Second, the content that you write must include a 2% ratio of the target keyword that you are using.

Any more than that and the search engine algorithms may not rank it at all. Finally, the content that you are providing needs to be at least 1000 words in length.

This tends to be the minimum where the search engine algorithms often decide to consider the content long enough to earn a first-page position.


The Call To Action

It is highly recommended that at least three times in the article itself you provide some type of call to action. At the beginning, you need to have an outbound link to a related page, similar to your own content, but not at all competitive.

It simply must relate to the information that you are discussing. The second link could go to a satellite website that you also own. It should, preferably, be on a completely different IP address and server.

Finally, there should be a call to action at the end of the article, one that will direct them to a product you are selling, or a squeeze page that you have set up to collect their email address.

Once you get into the pattern of creating this content, especially if you can write quickly, you can create hundreds of pieces of content each and every month.

You can also outsource this, teaching the individuals that will write your content, this particular pattern.

They can also do the research for you in regard to affiliate programs, CPA offers, and the keywords that you will be using.

There are many benefits to using search engine optimisation, and if done properly, you could start to generate residual income soon.

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