Unselfish Mentoring with Kevin Bupp

Welcome to another episode of The Roadmap to Wealth Show! Today’s episode will be a ton of value as we listen to Kevin Bupp, the master in mobile park homes real estate investing. He is also the host of two podcast shows, the “Real Estate Investing for Cashflow” and “The Mobile Home Park Investing”. He has authored the popular eBook, “The 21 Biggest Mistakes Investors Make When Purchasing their First Mobile Home Park…and How to Avoid Them.”

He is proud to say that he is an entrepreneur all his life and carries to this day the same amount

of grit and enthusiasm for success. He started at a young age of 20 and 19 years hence, has  completed in excess of $150 million in real estate transactions. He has gathered so many nuggets of experience in investing in real estate, of which he will gladly share with us today.

So if you think that being young is a disadvantage in this kind of industry, think again and listen to Kevin’s success story.

Enjoy listening!

What You Will Learn From This Episode

  • Being young does not determine your failure or success in life
  • The hardest challenge is still a challenge but how to overcome it varies, it all depends on your perspective
  • What is it in real estate that Kevin is so passionate about, that can be yours, as well
  • The big shift to Mobile Home Parks strategy and the opportunities it offer
  • Challenges in Operating mobile home parks in the U.S.
  • Paying forward on mentorship and different charitable endeavors of Kevin Bupp
  • Advice to a younger self, on complacency, on getting out of the comfort zone
  • Investing in yourself for mentorship and courses is the best way to start in real estate
  • Habits of a successful person
  • Significant personalities that made an impact on his life, valuable life lessons and much more
  • The outlook for mobile park homes and the advantage of having in-house property management
  • Advice to people wanting to invest in real estate, no matter what strategies to take

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