What It Takes To Be an Entrepreneur in 2021? with Robin Waite


How far can you go in business and what does it take to succeed?

And how can you be fearless without being reckless?

Robin Waite a successful Business Coach, Bestselling Author and Speaker discussed about this with Elena, in a new podcast episode,

We’ve asked him a few questions about some ideas he has developed in his 2 books :

How to Grow Your Business, Attract More Clients, and Make More Money. TAKE YOUR SHOT and The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Launching a Fast, Lean and Profitable Online Venture.

In this interview, Robin mentioned a few things that stop people from achieving their goals, being passionate and creative, the 3- core principle to double your profit and his top tips as a business coach and speaker.

What you learn from this episode:

  • How can you become fearless in business
  • Ways to express your passion and creativity in your business
  • Turning your passion into profit
  • The 3-core principle to double your profit
  • What holds ahead for business owners in 2021
  • The most frequent missed opportunities in business
  • Developing your product into an asset to attract new high value customers
  • What makes a business fail
  • Tips on getting sustainable recurring revenue
  • Way to attract more clients on social media for your business


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