WISE Investments with Shameed Chris Khan

Are you looking for ways on n what you can do with your money during this pandemic? This is what everyone is thinking right now. We should be wise on how to spend our money.

In this podcast interview, Shameed Chris Khan the creator of WISE Investment, which stands for working, investing, saving, and earning, will give enlightenment on how to properly manage your money. Let us start to listen and learn.

What Will You Learn From This Episode:

  • What is WISE investment?
  • How can you diversify your investment to avoid crashing and mitigate risks?
  • What should people be preparing for this pandemic?
  • Is it the right time to prepare for retirement?
  • What should be included in one’s asset portfolio?
  • How to balance and properly divide your budget? And how to stick to it?
  • How can parents teach their kids about financial literacy?
  • Why should delayed gratification be practice?
  • What stocks should we invest in?

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